NPC (Non-Playable Characters/Guest Characters)


Any character in a roleplay that is not just played by an/one exact person. They are also the people who act as shopkeepers, scientists, managers, plot points, extra family and friends, and other workers around the city. These characters can help drive the plots forward, or add extra interaction to your stories if you wish to incorporate them. Many players make these non-playable characters for the purpose of acting as family, friends, servants or extras for the regular characters. Characters who are not limited can be played by anyone at anytime; but characters who are limited can only be played by the people their original creator allows. Of course, you also have the option to make it that only you can play them.

Staff; To add an NPC to the list, post below with the name, a brief description and where they first appeared in (if applicable)! As of the moment, only administrators and staff can create NPCs (to avoid too many running rampant and to keep order); though you may be able to win NPC slots in contests later on in time.

Shop Keepers/Staff:

Friends and Family:

Plot-driving NPCs: