Infamous for being the site of a string of gruesome unsolved murders in the past this forest is rumored to be haunted by the vengeful spirits of the victims. Of course, that's only hearsay. Apart from the murders the forest is large, tranquil and home to a wide variety of creatures. A perfect place for a camping trip.

The Mysterious Cirque, Dark Woods CircusEdit


Many have entered the forest at the stroke of 12, entranced by the strange music that seems to be coming from the inner portion of woodland. There had been rumors of a strange troupe which had wandered into Japan and yet... It was quite hard to believe something which seemed so farfetched. Hastily whispered new had flown by, painting different images about the group who had just arrived. Were they cannibals who had eradicated the last of their village but still sought a new source of food? Were they a group of gypsies who had come to steal from the unsuspecting and weak? Or could they possible be a clan of vampires who had travelled all the way from Romania as a result of treason in their homeland?

Maybe they were just normal humans.

Well no matter what they were, one thing was for sure. Their shows were both stylish but grotesque, enchanting but horrifying. The acts were ones that would keep you watching through the whole thing. But, they were definitely not for the faint hearted.

[ The forest normally gives such a comporting atmosphere and yet.... Something seems off.]

A flicker of orange and yellow is seen from behind the trees, the sound of a flame hisses softly. Through the clump of branches, we see a large bonfire extending towards the sky. A faint smell of what seems to be incense is also present.

At the very back, a tent stands high and mighty. Mixed with colors of Black, white, and red, it seems to blend in with the evening sky itself. On the top of the tent is what appears to be a figure of a weeping angel. With extended wings she looks like she's trapped and locked, destined to remain on earth as a flightless dove.

The music grows louder and its pleasant rhythm seems to erase all fears and hesitation.

[How was as if the music was gradually blocking out memories....]


dear visitor,

To the Dark Woods Circus.

We pray that your stay be a good one.

Flora and FaunaEdit